We’re here to reimagine the media supply chain.

Workflow observability and analytics to manage a cleaner, cheaper and faster media supply chain.


For the benefit of business, people and the planet.

Humans Not Robots brings together Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, focussing on Clean Growth, to empower Media & Broadcast organisations to gain clear insight into three core aspects of their operations - environmental impact, cost and time and providing the ability to:

Observe carbon, power, cost and time at a granular level.

Provide ESG governance and compliance across supply chain operations.

Identifies opportunities to reduce energy consumption, cost, and speed up operations.

Save at least 20% of media supply chain process costs.

Reduce the environmental impact of media operations by 30%.

We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds


Kristan Bullett

CEO / York, UK

Kristan is a self-facilitating media node. He has been innovating in Media & Broadcast for the past 20 years.


Mick Broderick

COO / Luton, UK

Mick has spent the past 20 years firmly sat in the trenches of the largest global media organisations, he feels their pain.


Kris Brown

CTO / York, UK

Building products in Media is what Kris gets out of bed for. Sometimes he doesn’t go to bed at all.


Luca Di Vincenzo

Lead Developer / Malagá, ES

Years developing backend architectures leads Luca to believe serverless is the answer to energy and cost reduction.


Maciej Matusiak

Frontend Engineer / Birmingham, UK

Mac makes HNR products beautiful and also functional. When not in front of his MacBook Mac is on his motorbike.


Simon Fell

Advisor / London, UK

Simon’s amazing industry knowledge and passion for media transformation make him key to realising HNR’s vision.

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